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In the backward Tarai region of Uttar Pradesh, Diksha Girls Degree College, Bijua, Lakhimpur-Kheri is an esteemed institution, dedicated to the all round personality development and quality assurance and enrichment of proud-traditions in the field of women education. Diksha Girls Degree College is a lighthouse in the field of women education in this region.

The mission of the college is focused on the overall development of the individuals who can serve their organizations, their society and humanity at large with dedication.

The aim of education, specially women education is not only to give bookish-knowledge but to make total personality development and to develop contemporary understanding of the time and place and to make able citizens for bearing the responsibilities of the future. To make them sensitive to freedom, equality, brotherhood and humanistic privilege is also an important aim. The college is, through its academic programmes, determined to provide an environment where the students can flexibly develop their personality and bring out the perfection bestowed upon them by nature. The college ensures that each student acquires in-depth knowledge in his chosen discipline and is transformed into a useful citizen of the world. All these human values are contained in the educational system of Diksha Girls Degree College.

It has been the constant effort of the institution that higher intellectual ability, workmanship, good citizenship and a deep faith in the higher values of life may be stronger and stronger in the students and their minds may always be free for competency, skill and for the best in them.

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